Derek M Ballard "Writing Comics" in conversation with Kris Mukai

  • Derek: first, understand, a real "story" doesn't interest me. there are other ppl who do that already. I'm more interested in mechanics. so, I make diagrams of pages that layout new stuff I want to experiment with. like, time stuff, transitions, pacing stuff. no drawings on those really. just where I want to do these thing on the pages, which # panel, etc.then I draw whatever I want to for a few weeks. often I'll be jammin on 1 character a lot. all on clipboards & copy paper. then I throw it all on my light table & I'm like, "ok. how do I fit all this junk I drew into this geometric panel layout thing?"& I write dialogue 4 panels ahead of myself. but I take 2 weeks to edit it after I'm done. it's fun, so whetevs. like a puzzle
  • Kris: !!! i like this very mathematical and anti-story, approach
  • Derek: cool. I'll never write the "great american graphic novel" so I do what I want instead. who cares? lol
  • Kris: hahaha this is the best outlook. im imagining you sassing your comic pages saying "bitch, I do what I WANT!"
  • Derek: that's kinda how it is!! lol
  • via: twitter @krismukai @derekmballard
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